So here is our choice of the best action pc games for 2014 expected or unexpected. Here we offer you a list of the best action games we have scouted around the internet, we also conducted a little search quite some time now so there will be no competition and no post found like this one, so let's begin, but first a little intro for all of you new gamers out there:
What are Action Games?
Action games include - explosions, plot but most of all shooting around like lunatics.
Gamers that are with friends, and we don't know how many friends that is actually, love this kind of action shooting (first person) games because they can play them online from home with other nerds or noobs. We talk too much sorry about that, so here they are:


Here they are TOM CLANCY'S are at it again, for all of you fans out there that like silent sneaky (stab you in the back) games you will love this one.
The story is that a disease spreads out in the USA and destruction is at hand. Ubisoft has launched this game already so reading won't help you at all, but a small gameplay we provided for you will explain a lot, that this game is amazing.
 Rating ★★★★☆☆


A fun racing action-shooting game, there is not much to say but we can only hope that this game will catch the eye of many outlaws out there, enjoy the gameplay trailer.
Rating ★★★★★☆


Yet another zombie game (give me a break), ok so this is something similar to Dead Island. Again the same story. The infected population want's to eat you and chase you all around the map, while you an helpless human try to survive with well anything you can find around you, so not much of an story here, so have fun at shooting zombies all day. 
Rating ★★★★☆☆


Well the first one was kind of good and a suprise, there was a lot of wxploration even puzzles trough the missions, this time its the same only more interesting, because you wake up as Dracula in the moder times a blood-thirsty vampire.
Rating ★★★☆☆☆


Well the name says it all, THIEF is the best sneaky sneaky stealing game out for pc in the world. This silent-action game offers a lot, we do not like thief's much in the real world, but for all of you fans of slow and patient gamers out there we offer you and recommend to try it out because you won't be disappointed. So shhhh the THIEF'S are coming once more.
Rating ★★★★★☆

Thanks for watching and remember our moto: It's not fair if you don't share.
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  1. Mad Max is a joke but THE DIVISION can't wait



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